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Raised access floor system use a serial of removable panels, any maintenance or reconfiguration is achieved simply by removing particular panels.

Advantages of Raised Access Floor System:
The space between raised access floor and subfloor provides thermal insulation. Further, if the central cooling and heating system is installed or moved underfoot, it has been proven to be more efficient than those on walls or coming from above. Costs are immediately cut.

ARM FLOOR belongs to CREER DECORATIVE MATERIAL CO.,LTD(CHANGZHOU).CREER DECORATIVE MATERIAL CO.,LTD(CHANGZHOU) is a group of companies, range covering construction material(raised access floor), rubber products, yacht products. Now with three branch factories, locating in Changzhou and Wuxi city, Jiangsu Province, China.

ARM FLOOR is professional for designing, researching, producing series of cement core steel raised floor, woodcore raised floor, calcium sulphate raised floor, aluminum(honeycomb) raised floor etc.

ARM FLOOR has the production capacity around 1,500,000 square meters annually. With advanced production equipment, mature production technology. Making the appearance of products is pretty and the quality is stable.

ARM FLOOR has exported to more than 60 countries and regions such as Indonesia, Malaysia, Taiwan, Mexico, Kenya, Ukraine, GCC area etc, as well as the China domestic decoration companies, purification companies and real estate developers.